We understand that your information may be personal and private to you, and we seek to protect that information. We may collect and use some of that information, but when we do, it is only to provide the specific service that Vodo provides. This policy is guidance for what information we use and how we use that information.

1. What information do you collect?

We get your public information from your profile on Google. Mostly this is used to provide you with a better experience while using our website or when talking to you through the Google Assistant - things like having your name and your profile photo. We also get your email address, even if it isn't public, so we can contact you directly if necessary - we won't be using the email address for advertising or for broad public announcements.

As part of the interaction with Google Drive, we get the names of folders in your Google Drive and have access to files through Google Drive.

We may also collect some web tracking information and information about how you use the Google Assistant when talking to this service, which we use to see how many people are using the site and how we can improve usage.

2. How do you collect the information?

Your personal information and email come from Google accounts every time you log in or connect through Google Assistant.

The names of your folders on Google Drive is loaded when you open the Vodo Drive Assistant either through the web or through Google Assistant.

We access the contents of your files on Google Drive only when you explicitly open them through the Assistant or make requests about specific information in them.

Web tracking information is done using a service such as Google Analytics, which may use several different methods, but mostly relies on cookies. Google Assistant tracking information is done through information provided from Google and using a third-party analytics system. These systems may collect details about your interactions and files.

3. How do you use the information?

Files, and metadata about these files, remain only briefly on our servers, and are used only as part of the primary job of Vodo. We may log some of the metadata in an effort to assist with debugging and making sure Vodo works as expected, but this is not generally associated with your account.

Your personal information, including your name and profile photo, are used to provide you with good experience, make it better to use Vodo or Google Assistant, or for truly exceptional services. They also help you make sure that you're using Vodo as you and not, accidentally, as someone else. We do not keep information about your Google Drive folders and files in Vodo - instead, we may attach metadata to these files that are used when accessing them through Vodo.

Web tracking information is used in aggregate, and intended to help us make sure the website is used and how it can be used more effectively. Google Assistant tracking information is used in aggregate, and intended to help us make sure Vodo is working correctly and how it can be used more effectively.

We do not sell your information or sell access to you based on information you have provided to us. The information we provide to others (including Google) may, however, be used by them for such purposes, and this use is outside of our control.

4. What control do I have over my personal data?

For the data that is public from your Google profile, you may make it private or change it, and on your next login to Vodo we will remove old data from our system.

At any time, you may de-authorize Vodo to have access to your Google account. If you do so, we will no longer be able to access your files on Google Drive.

5. How do you protect my information?

As much as possible, we try to protect your information by not actually storing it ourselves. Where necessary, your information is stored in a database with limited access. Some Vodo data is attached directly as metadata on the files in Google Drive and is only available to us, or to others, if you have granted access to those files.

6. How will you update this policy?

If we update this privacy policy, it will be posted on the Vodo website and in our social media accounts. We may also email you with a notice.

Updated: 8 Apr 2017